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Attention Concerned Parents - Our Policy

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The movie rating system set forth by the Motion Picture Association of America was designed to prevent the viewing of inappropriate material by kids under the age of 17 without an accompanying parent or guardian (Parental permission is not acceptable). This system will only work with the help of parents.
  • We will card for any "R-Rated" movies Showland is currently showing or will play in the future.
  • No children 11 & under will be admitted to R-Rated movies for shows 6pm and after.
  • You must be 17 years or older to view a movie that is R-Rated.
  • We may request a picture ID at the box office and/or at the time you enter the theatre. 
  • Persons under 17 must view the movie with accompanying parent or Legal Guardian of 21 years or older.
  • If a person of 17 years is purchasing more than one ticket, everyone in the group must have a picture ID.
  • Violators ( Those buying tickets for one movie, but sneaking into an R-Rated movie) will be ejected from the theatre with no refund (No Discussion) !

Thank you.
Showland Cinemas Management

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